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About My Kohler Folder  

My Kohler Folder helps plan kitchen and bath projects by providing a way to quickly save products of interest for future reference.

With My Kohler Folder you can:

  • Set up folders for each of your projects and organize your products by room
  • Add and delete products from the KOHLER Product Catalog, including products required for proper installation
  • Select product colors and view a cost summary for the items in your folder
  • Create a custom catalog of the items in your folder (.pdf format)
  • Share the products in your folder with friends, family members, builders or architects by using the E-mail to a Friend feature
  • Select products from the STERLING Product Catalog to add to your folder.

Log In and Registration

If this is your first time using My Kohler Folder, you will need to start by registering. If you're interested in learning about the latest KOHLER products, creative design solutions or tips on how to get the job done, be sure to sign up for our free monthly e-mail newsletter using the check box at the bottom of the registration page.

If you've already registered, simply provide your e-mail address and password in the "My Kohler Folder" tab at the top right of any page.

If you've forgotten your password, click on the "Password Help?" link in the "My Kohler Folder" tab. KOHLER will send you an e-mail with your password.

To change any of the information provided during registration, including your e-mail address or password, please click "Update My Profile", also in the "My Kohler Folder" tab.

Creating and Deleting Folders and Rooms

After registering, you will be taken through the process of creating and naming your folder. If your project involves more than one room, you will have the option to organize the contents of your folder by room.

Once you are logged in, new folders may be created using the "Create New Folder" link. You can easily access any of your folders by clicking the View My Folders link in the "My Kohler Folder" tab. On this page you can delete an entire Folder by clicking on the "Delete this Folder" link.

At any time you have the option to add, delete or rename your Rooms on the "Display/Update" page.

Adding Products and Accessories to Your Folder
  • Save to My Kohler Folder

Most of the information in the KOHLER Product Catalog can be saved to your folder. If you see a product you like, simply add it to your folder. Whenever this link appears, you can save the product to your folder.


Once you've added a product to your folder, you will see a link to view required, recommended and optional products. Click on this link to view these items and select those you wish to add to your folder.

Updating the Products Within Your Folder

To change product colors and finishes, use the drop down menu located to the right of the product name to make your selection, and then hit "Update".

To change product quantity, simply type in the correct number in the text box located to the right of the Color/Finish drop down menu. Hit "Update" to update pricing information.

To delete a product, check the check boxes on the right side of the page, then hit "Update". To delete an entire room, click the "Delete this Room" link located to the right of the room name.

To add more Kohler products to your room, click the "Add another Product (Kohler)" link at the top or bottom of the "Display/Update" page. This link will return you to the KOHLER Plumbing Product Catalog.

To add more Sterling products to your room, click the "Add another Product (Sterling)" link at the top or bottom of the "Display/Update" page. This link will return you to the STERLING Plumbing Product Catalog.

Creating a Personal Catalog

Personal Catalog
View larger image

Once you've set up a folder, you have the option to create a custom catalog that can be printed, saved to your personal computer or e-mailed to a friend. The catalog includes images of the products that you've selected, along with color choices, prices and bullet point descriptions of key product features.

To make your personal catalog, click on the "Print this Folder" link in your folder and choose "With Images". This will generate an Adobe Acrobat PDF document, which can Get Acrobat Readerbe printed or saved to your personal computer.

Please note that Adobe Acrobat v4.0 or newer is required to use this feature.

E-mail Your Folder to a Friend
E-mail Folder to a friend

You can e-mail your folder by clicking the "E-mail Folder to a Friend" icon that appears within your folder. You have the option of sending your folder as a Personal Catalog (Adobe Acrobat v4.0+ PDF attachment) or as a link to a Web page.

System Requirements

To use all of the features of My Kohler Folder, a browser equivalent to Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater (Windows and Mac) or Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (Windows, Mac, or Linux) is required. Regardless of the browser, JavaScript should be enabled, which is the default setting for these browser versions.

Adobe Acrobat v4.0 or greater is required to view Personal Catalog PDFs.

Thank you for your interest in My Kohler Folder and good luck with your projects!
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Save, print and share your product selections online with My Kohler Folder.

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