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Plan Kitchen - Planning Tips

Conquer Kitchen Clutter

If you’ve fantasized about a chaos-free kitchen where the countertops are clear and everything stays in its proper place, you’re in luck. All you need is a little creativity and a few smart tips.

Cooking Like A Pro

The hottest trend in kitchen design adds fun—and function—to the art of the meal.

Water Conservation Kitchen 1

Water Conservation: Tips for the Kitchen

Conservation is key to ensuring we'll always have clean water for our homes. The good news: A few easy tips make it easy for us all to help.

Work Triangle Efficiency

No matter what shape your kitchen's in—whether your floor plan is straight, U-shaped, L-shaped, or otherwise—its fundamental efficiency revolves around the triangle. The work triangle, an area comprised of the distance between your refrigerator, stove and sink, traces the kitchen's most-traveled areas.

The Utility Room, Reborn

Keeping the outdoors out-of-doors isn't easy. Mud travels stealthily when packed into the crevices of gardening boots and pets' paws. Clinging sand waits to dry-and-drop only after it gets into home territory. Snow turns invisible inside, and leaves a mess behind.

6 Kitchen Planning Myths

When planning a new kitchen or renovation, it pays to keep an open mind and learn all you can. That includes busting a few common myths about the process and its outcomes.
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