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Plan Bathroom - Planning Tips

Creating a Custom Shower

Custom showers are quickly becoming high on the list of home must-haves. And with all the new products and technology available, the perfect shower has never been so easy to achieve.

Create a Bath that Fits Your Needs

Everyone uses the bathroom differently, and a properly designed room can enhance each person's experience, making it easier to use and much more personal.

Sharing a Bath

Living with the one you love can be an adventurous, exhilarating and rewarding experience. By keeping communication flowing and taking a few smart steps toward creating a better bathroom, you can maintain both of your individual preferences while enjoying the harmony of cohabitation.

Powder Room Tips

The powder room—typically a main-floor half-bath with a sink, a toilet, and a mirror—is often the home's smallest room, averaging just 4 feet by 5 feet. Yet, if you measure its worth by the amount of traffic a room gets per square foot, the powder room could be the most valuable space in your house.

Tips for Small Bathrooms

Looking to create more bathroom space without calling in the wrecking ball? Here are some tips on space-saving and design that fools the eye.

The Bathroom Binder: Organizing Your Ideas

Keep your remodeling project focused and organized by gathering ideas and inspirations into a "wish list" binder or project scrapbook.

Water Conservation Bathroom 1

Water Conservation: Tips for the Bathroom

Conservation is the key to ensuring we'll always have clean water for our homes. The good news: A few easy tips make it easy for us all to help.

Bathroom Upgrade: Getting the Most from your Remodel

Take time to identify the features you do and don't like in your current bathroom and you'll go further toward planning a space that meets all your needs.

Aging Gracefully 1

Bath Design: Aging Gracefully

A growing number of healthy, active couples nearing retirement are making smart plans for their future— and they have the blueprints to prove it.

Five Signs that it's Time to Remodel Your Bath

Holes in the floor, a rusty bathtub, a toilet that just won't cooperate—these big-ticket bathroom problems require major repairs. But what about the smaller signs that it's time to upgrade your bathroom? They might not be quite what you expect.

Remodel Recoup: Bath Changes that Pay Back

The Balanced Bath Remodel

If pleasing prospective buyers and getting the greatest return on your investment is a top priority, keep in mind this expert advice when renovating your bathroom.
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