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Dream Bathroom - Trends

Luxury that Lasts

When it comes to the bathroom, luxury is about more than just style--it's about comfort, convenience, and lasting value.

Vanity Fair

Standalone vanities, beautiful and durable furniture made specifically for the bathroom, are increasingly popular with homeowners of all tastes, regardless of their style of home.

Color in the Bath

It’s one of the easiest and most economical ways to heighten drama and interest in our homes. So why, then, does color seem to strike fear into the hearts of so many?

Reinventing Retro

Sometimes the best way to achieve a modern look is to borrow from the past. After all, there's a reason that certain styles are considered classics — they look both fresh and familiar.

The Natural Bath: Bringing the Outdoors In

The natural world has a timeless appeal that we all can appreciate. That may be one reason a growing number of people are including natural materials in the design and construction of their homes.


When choosing color for our homes, it's not unusual for some of us to spend days or weeks searching for just the right shade. Not surprising, perhaps, but definitely interesting--especially when you consider the fact that the color doesn't really exist.

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Most of us think of white as a classic color that matches everything and never goes out of style. But not all whites are created equal, especially in the bath.

Color Fixtures

Once upon a time, when it came to choosing plumbing fixtures, your only choice was white.

Vessels Sinks

Modern, traditional, fun, elegant, cutting-edge: These diverse adjectives can all be used to describe vessel-style sinks.

Classic Baths

Classic bathrooms, especially those that embody the American style of the early 1900s, have never been more popular. And today's classic-style fixtures work as beautifully as they look, so you don't have to sacrifice high performance.

Faucet Finishes

Think of your faucets as accessories that reflect your personal style and complete your design vision.
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