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C3 Bidet Toilet Seats
A bidet is a sit-down wash basin that's convenient and helps conserve water. Long considered to be a luxury item, bidets are becoming an increasingly common addition to the bath.

Bidet Operation

Bidets are very easy to use. The user sits astride the bowl facing the faucet to control the spray or fill the bowl with water.

Simple Installation

Bidets require as little as nine feet of space to install. Simply rough in the bidet, install the faucet and connect the supplies.

Spray Options

Fresh water enters the bidet either through a vertical spray in the center of the bowl, an integral filler or a special spout that delivers a horizontal stream.

Gentle Cleansing

The bidet's use of water provides convenient and gentle cleansing.

Coordinating Styles

KOHLER bidets have been designed to complement the styles of KOHLER toilets. Most of our faucet lines offer bidet faucets that coordinate with bath and lavatory faucets.
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