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Step 1: Spout Type
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Step 3: # of Handles
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Before you purchase a new kitchen faucet, take a look at your present kitchen and consider how you use it. As you cook, clean, and live in your kitchen, consider why, and how often, you head for the sink. What do you like about your current faucet? And what faucet features are missing?

With those thoughts in mind, follow our three steps to choose the perfect kitchen faucet for your home.

Spout Type

Faucet spouts come in three basic types, with the key difference being whether or not they include a spray feature. Handheld sprays, which come in a variety of styles, let you move the water flow to where you need it. If you have a spray on your current kitchen sink, is it something you use frequently? If you don't have one, would it make cooking and cleaning easier?
Pullout or Pull-Down Spray Faucet

Pullout or pull-down spray faucet

Pullout sprays offer the functionality of a side spray with the streamlined look of one-piece faucet. Pull-down spray faucets let you adjust the water flow, choosing between an aerated stream and a spray. Some offer a second, more powerful spray setting for intense cleaning. Inspired by professional kitchens, these faucet types provide mobility and ease of cleaning, as well as versatility.

If you expect to use the spray frequently, or if you alternate quickly between regular water flow and spraying, consider a pullout spray spout. Pullout sprays can be controlled with one hand, leaving the other free to hold pots or vegetables, for example. In addition, many pullout sprays are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand.
Faucet with side spray

Faucet with side spray

A side spray is a handheld sprayer attached to a hose, mounted to the right or left of the faucet spout (you can choose the side based on your needs). Pull the side spray out from its base and squeeze its handle, and it overrides the faucet spout water flow.
Faucet without Side Spray

Faucet without side spray

If the aesthetics of a sprayer don't suit your kitchen (for example, if you are creating a period look), or you don't anticipate needing one, you can often get the faucet spout you like without the side spray. You still have a wide variety of faucet types to choose among.
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