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The Stillness® lavatory faucet in Polished Chrome is a tribute to the virtues of simplicity, with a clean, streamlined design aesthetic that creates a serene spa environment.
Stillness Faucet
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The Escale® freestanding bath, matched with the Symbol® Roman bath filler, is set here in a bay window, immersing the bather in natural light as well as rejuvenating water.
The Escale
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Four KOHLER product lines unite in this master bath. Stillness® lavatory faucets and matching light sconces, Traverse® lavatories and vanities, and the Escale® freestanding bath and Symbol® Roman bath filler all come together to create a combined effect of sleek beauty.
Stillness Lavatory
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Additional storage is carved out of an interior wall cavity to create a recessed display area for towels, flowers, and other necessities of life. Ann Sacks tile lends definition and texture to the new alcove, connecting it to the adjacent shower, and turning something that could have been merely functional into a pleasing design element.
Additional storage